Getting started with Flow builder in Salesforce lightning

Date5/13/2020 7:01:22 PM
PriceUSD 319.00
Learn how you will be the master in Salesforce App Builder, Visualforce, Apex language, platform and more through hands-on projects. Learn salesforce with a whole new Lightning experience and interface in our salesforce lightning online training. Salesforce Lightning is a framework which is component-based, that is designed to simplify the business process and which in turn will benefit you in work smarter and faster efficiently. We will help you gain knowledge on how to transition from the traditional Salesforce interface.

Watch our video tutorial and learn salesforce with us in our online training. In today’s video tutorial we are discussing Flow builder in lightning. We need to first the lightning flow and flow builder. A faster and easier tool for assembling flows. Lightning Flow helps you tackle the broadest set of business process challenges. Lightning Flow is a tool which allows you to automate business processes by building applications known as Flows just like Process Builder and Cloud Flow Designer. Flow can be used to collect, create, update and delete information in Salesforce. Flows can also execute logic, interact with Salesforce database, call Apex classes, and guide users through screens for collecting and updating data.
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