RedByte Technology

Date5/22/2020 10:33:07 PM
RedByte Technology buys and sells IT hardware, Dell PowerEdge, i.e. RAM/Memory, Processors, Hard Drives, NICs, and High-End Servers. We purchase surplus new and used IT products, and offer the best prices.

The resulting vast array of computer systems, spare parts and components on our shelves allows us to offer unrivalled availability and pricing on everything from Intel Xeon CPUs and HP memory to Dell server hard drives and Qlogic network cards. But the real benefit of this extensive inventory offering is customer choice.

When we say we offer custom configuration, we mean it. Our technology allows you to specify literally millions of different custom configurations of refurbished server, workstation, desktop PC and laptop builds.

Address :
1371 Sheffield Pkwy, Marietta, GA 30062, USA

Business Hours:
Mon - Fri: 09:00 AM - 05:00 PM
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