Robusto MAX540H245TR IP67 Certified Water/Dust-Proof Case

Date5/19/2020 10:00:20 AM
PriceRs 29,925.00
Robusto HARD CASE: This Large hard-shelled protective waterproof and dustproof case with cubed foam is designed to transport and protect sensitive equipment and materials which allows you quickly converts to a rolling case
DURABLE & IMPACT RESISTANT: Thick wall construction for long-lasting use and come with standard automatic pressure equalization valve which releases built up air pressure while keeping water out
DIMENSIONS: External dimensions of case is 604 x 473 x 283 mm (LxWxH) / 23.78 x 18.62 x 11.14 inch (LxWxH) and internal dimensions is 538 x 405 x 245 mm (LxWxH) / 21.18 x 15.94 x 9.64 inch (LxWxH) and cover depth - bottom is 50 + 195 mm / 1.97 + 7.68 inch and weight is 6.840 Kg and capacity is 53,38 Lt and temperatures are -30 / 90°C (-22 / 194°F)
IP67 RATED: Waterproof IP67 Rated certified and meet STANAG 4280 and DEF STAN 81-41 standards as well as being NATO (NSN) coded. Waterproof cases are ideal for applications such as search and rescue, marine transportation, storage and diving
USED AT MULTIPLE FIELDS: They are exceptionally resistant to impacts, dust and atmospheric agents, which makes them suitable for multiple fields of application including safety, law enforcement, military, hunting and outdoor, boating, photography, broadcasting and several other sectors of the manufacturing industry
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