Kid Millionaire Wealth Building Kit

Date5/23/2020 12:46:36 AM
PriceUSD 50.00
Kid Millionaire Wealth Building Kit

Are you worried about your child’s financial future?
Don’t worry, We are with you....

Kid Millionaire is a personal development company with a focus upon adopting financial wisdom. Kid Millionaire believes that prosperity conscious thinking should be taught early on to avoid financial pitfalls. By teaching financial literacy and prosperity conscious thinking to children early, the skills that will be learned, will benefit them throughout their life.
Kid Millionaire innovative and thought-provoking financially healthy inspired lessons and activities coupled with powerful personal development and life coaching methods will catapult youth to lead financially rewarding lifestyles.

Price :

Kid Millionaire Wealth Building Kit -Individual $50.00
Kid Millionaire Wealth Building Classroom Kit (30 Scholars) -$1000.00

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