Retail Security Solutions, and Concierge Security

Date5/22/2020 10:11:23 PM
PriceUSD 55.00
Our Retail Security Solutions Are Aimed at Loss Prevention
Predominantly as a result of negligence, Australian businesses lose close to $172 million dollars per year due to shoplifting. This is a staggering amount and if left unidentified as a potential risk to your business can result in vulnerabilities that may leave your business exposed. As a result, our retail security solutions are geared towards loss prevention.

Pinnacle Protection provides specialised security plans that identify controls weaknesses for business and in turn,
implement plans to combat those weaknesses.

For retail, depending on the type, location and size of a shop a range of retail security solutions are available. Most commonly, CCTV camera installation and alarm monitoring systems are used in conjunction with manpower to ensure there is a visible and covert impediment to theft.

Our guards are well trained at identifying potential threats to your business while also providing respectable customer service.
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