Mobile Patrol Security

Date5/22/2020 8:01:43 PM
PriceUSD 60.00
Mobile Patrol Services by Pinnacle Protection
Pinnacle Protection provides effective security mobile patrol services for properties of all kinds. We are able to deploy both on-foot and car patrol services. Our patrollers are trained to work with our sophisticated technologies and systems to ensure that our clients get the best out of every patrol. Our alarm response services and mobile patrol security can be tailored to meet your needs.

Strategic Site Surveys & Incorporation of Technology
At the beginning of a contract, each of our clients’ sites they want to be patrolled is surveyed and inspected by management and an in-depth report is produced. The report illustrates and reports on each site’s level of risk and a mobile patrol security strategy that best tackles the risk on site is established. The strategy is coupled with a GPS patrol system setup on each site. This system utilises a handheld reading device that is designed to scan strategically set up RFID tags set up around each site to ensure that security guards are monitoring key high-risk areas and valuable properties. A report is generated showing the patrol history of all guards and could be produced for viewing at any time. With our effective strategies and technology incorporation, you could rest assured that safety is optimised to the highest degree with each mobile patrol conducted.

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