Testimony of a Restored Marriage

Testimony of a Restored Marriage
I used to think GOD doesn't exist no because I was at the point of no return and giving up all together, my husband left me, my friends abandoned me, I was having problems at work and no matter what I did, my husband didn’t want to come back. I went through about 7 spiritual healers but all they did was to waste my time, they didn’t do anything for me, not even the slightest result at all. I went to a physician who told me that he would come back and to cut the story short, i did anything and everything but still got no result.
Just 3 yrs. in to our marriage and everything was crumbling, I didn't understand why he was suddenly cold, talking about how he needed to find himself, I was so stressed and heartbroken, I was a few weeks due with our first baby. Friends and family tried to intervene seeing the toll it was taking on me and the stress this would have on the unborn baby but nothing changed instead losing them. My Father advised me to seek the help
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