kucoin 2fa not working | Contact Customer Support

Date6/2/2020 8:47:58 PM
PriceUSD 95,315.00
Whenever you create an account you are pushed to have the password for your account but sometimes it's not enough to secure your account from potential theft according to the past graph. So its always suggested for the users to bind their account with the google-authenticator as it changes after every 30secs by google and it is something that can only be used once. Google authenticator is considered to be one of the safest and secure ways to secure the account from any kind of potential theft. So don’t miss Google 2FA.
If you saved your Google Secret Key and cannot log in to your account, please re-bind Google 2-step Verification with the key in your mobile application "Google Authenticator". After rebinding, you can directly enter the 6-digit verification code to log in to your KuCoin account.
If you lost your device or uninstall the Google Authenticator, and never store google secret key (16 digits), please click “Google verification unavailable?” and follow the steps below.
• Account verification >>>> Security Verification >>>> Identity verification
Have access to current 2FA, but going to change a device and want to transfer Google 2FA to the new device
If you have saved the Google secret key, please bind 2FA with the secret key and your registered email address on Google Authenticator App, then you will receive 2FA code from the new device. Please delete the old 2FA code after the new one is bound successfully.
If you did not save the secret key, please login KuCoin account to change 2FA in the account security settings.

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