$113 MILLION Direct Pay since 2/6/20 SMART CONTRACTS TECH $$

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$$113 MILLION Paid Direct since 2/6/20 - Smart Contracts $$. Forsage Smart Contract Blockchain Technology! Direct pay peer to peer, or business to business - no middleman, no overhead. WATCH the Video. We are hosting TWO DAILY Webinars you can bring prospects to for Q & A - our Team is over 7000 in less than 10 weeks!! Text me for more INFO - the X3 & X4 programs within Forsage are easily understood with a few 5 minute Video tutorials that I can provide for You ... A Blockchain once started goes on in perpetuity = POWERFUL. Every dollar made from the Blockchain is verifiable - all transactions are public data. Your account will be private identifiable only by an account ID#. The link below is Info link as well as the join link.
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