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Date6/9/2020 11:07:17 AM
SoundcloudManager is a laser guided missile for precision Soundcloud promotion.

SoundcloudManager allows to search and scrape users / tracks, allowing your actions to process highly targeted input data.

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Soundcloud Promotion
Increase Your Reach
With the barriers to entry to music creation so low these days, there is more music "out there" than any point in history. Getting your music in front of Soundcloud users is a competition against all the other tracks on Soundcloud

SoundcloudManager makes it easy to get your music heard above the rest. From track sharing, to initialising interactions with other users, to finding users interested in your music styles. SoundcloudManager gets you REAL followers, REAL likes, REAL comments, REAL plays and REAL reposts. More...

Soundcloud promotion
Boost Soundcloud Stats
Soundcloud is a phenomenal resource of new music. However, it isn't possible to listen to 0.00001% of it all, so you have to be choosey. What better way of finding quality tracks, than by listening to what others are listening to, listening to tracks liked by other users, listening to tracks that have been commented on?

By boosting your Soundcloud social signals, you are giving your music the best chance to be heard.

Increase Plays. Increase Downloads. Increase Followers. Increase Likes. Increase Reposts. More...

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Soundcloud Bot
Soundcloud is without doubt the biggest and most popular music / musician / producer / DJ based social network on the internet today. Millions of users are sharing, listening and having conversations with the artists who were once several steps removed from the fans.

Having this huge fanbase at your fingertips is fantastic opportunity that has never happened before in the music industry! Previously, PR people cajoled and bribed their way to getting their tracks into the music press and onto the airwaves. But not any more
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