Mental health issues, is this the next looming crisis – Free

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Date6/9/2020 7:02:53 PM
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The COVID 19 outbreak has touched upon another covert and growing public health crisis that requires an equally matching emergency response. COVID 19 has posed an unknown threat which is challenging to distinguish from simple flu.
Loss of jobs, slow economy, difficult to deal with lockdowns have all contributed to a severe mental health crisis in many people.
Things may get worse before they start moving towards improvement due to the absence of a clear treatment protocol, we all are realizing that nonpharmaceutical interventions are the only way to prevent infection from spreading.
All this is prompting a dramatic shift in our day to day life such as, everyday bodily habits, social interactions, and economic exchanges.
As we all know “change is the only constant” and adapting to this new normal, which involves losing hold of various things like finances, eating habits, socializing norms, new work culture, etc has led to overthinking and requires huge mental strength to adapt.
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