Virtual Reality Pods - Knowledge Pods for Schools

Date6/25/2020 1:15:38 PM
The adoption rate of augmented and virtual reality in education is at its peak now. Many schools and universities are exploring the various disciplines where virtual reality can be impactful for teachers and students.

Virtual reality pods provide a very highly immersive and insightful VR solution for classrooms and schools. A virtual reality pod or Knowledge Pod VR is a console that is an ideal example of virtual reality (VR) in classrooms/schools.

It is considered as the world’s most loved STEM (Science, Technology, English & Mathematics) Kits that help young learners to not just cover but discover concepts!

The K-Pod VR Contains:

- More than 2000 virtual reality educational concepts
- Immersive, interactive and insightful VR’s
- Tracking of usage and efficacy
- In-built assessment and analytics
- Regular Updates

and many more.

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