Shoot n gun – AR shooting Augmented Alien Spaceship War Jess

Date7/6/2020 4:13:35 PM
+1 (669) 500-2133?+1 (669) 500-2133?
Deadly alien spaceships are revolving around the planet and you must immerse yourself in a
chilly Augmented Reality to fight aliens, alien spaceships and kill them all by using your
Whether you are someone who like to play alien destruction game and be heroic or someone
who like AR camera shooting action and polish his target skills, the cool AR game is here to
help you. Get rid of your boredom and enter a realm full of deadly challenges. Make sure that
you keep your aim focused and view the alien targets in every direction or they will attack
you and you will lose the levels. Destroy all the enemies and prevent a space invasion battle
to save planet from a deadly war. Play it now!
Shoot and kill Aliens
Use your shooting skills to target and kill the aliens scattered in different levels. The game
has 8 exciting levels which are gory enough to get the adrenaline pumping through your
veins. Feel the zest of shooting games in a true AR integrated gaming app.
Interactive AR shooter
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