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Date7/13/2020 9:39:51 PM
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Doctors, professional athletes and celebrities choose Alpine Perfect Water Technologies as their water professionals.
What Is Used In Our Water? Here are some of the chemicals used in our water: Nitrates/nitrites are nitrogen-oxygen compounds essential for plant growth. Excess accumulations of nitrates/nitrites can enter groundwater through fertilizer, animal waste, and septic tank leakage, and cause contamination.
Lead is a naturally occurring metal that’s used in a variety of products including paint, batteries, and pipes. Lead can enter your drinking water through plumbing fixtures and old lead pipes or faucets.
Most of the time we think of water only when we drink it. But it is also important to use healthy water when we cook and wash produce; and we have to take care about our skin and hair when we are showering and bathing. It is also really important to keep kids and our clothes clean of any chemicals and detergent leftovers. So let’s see how often do we interact with water every day.
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