Semi Automatic Cup Sealer Machine In Indore

Date7/16/2020 7:57:32 AM
he Semi Automatic Cup Seale Machine is Mostly used for juice, water, lassi, milk, Dahi, Fruit Jelly, pearl milk and tea, black tea also for soybean milk, liquid soup ,water in industries for packing these products.
Smart Pack are engaged in supplying a various range of Manual Cup Sealing and Semi-Automatic Machine. these machines are on large scale is used in various kind of cup sealing applications. Also, these Manual and Semi-Automatic machines rase less energy and function proficiently, these Machines are used in a variety of industries.
Semi-Automatic Cup Sealing machine Sealing Capacity 300-400 cup/hour.
cup sealing machine is used in beverages like soup, tea, etc.
easy to operate. less maintenance. Accuracy in filling.
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