Buy Comfortis Chewable Tablets for Cats

Date7/27/2020 11:38:02 PM
PriceUSD 66.16
Comfortis for Cats
Comfortis for Cats is fast action flea treatment that starts killing fleas within 4 hours of administration. It comes in the form of a beef flavored chewable tablet that is loved by felines. It needs to be administered on a monthly basis. It also prevents flea infestation in cats for an entire month. Since it is a prescription product you will require a prior prescription from veterinarian before administering this treatment in your feline. It starts working with half an hour of administration and kills 100% fleas within 4 hours.

It is safe to be given to kittens and cats 14 weeks of age and older

How It Works?
Comfortis for cats contains Spinosad as an active ingredient. Spinosad, an insecticide with adulticidal properties causes hyper excitation in nervous system of fleas. This results in paralysis and eventual death of fleas. With the monthly dosage of Spinosad there is complete abolishment of new fleas and prevention of re-infestation by slowing down the egg production. Thus it breaks the flea life cycle and reduces the population of fleas.


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