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Do you often find yourself with a lot of your time in your hands nowadays? With House of Bamboo®, you can turn idle time into productive time with its selection of high-quality bamboo materials.

Our shop has a wide range of bamboo products from furniture, screens, panels and even raw materials that can help you successfully complete DIY and renovation tasks.

You can also visit our website to view our product selection which include:

Pleat Planters
Bamboo Poles
Bamboo Rod Screens
Bamboo Maintenance Products

...and a lot more!

House of Bamboo® also offers products on sale so you can avail of quality bamboo materials at affordable prices.

Even before sustainable materials became a thing, House of Bamboo® has already been helping customers create contemporary visions using one of the world’s oldest building materials. Throughout the years, we have become the source of quality bamboo products that bring natural ambience and timeless beauty to any space.
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