Electric Kettle Market Research Report- Forecasts From

Date7/31/2020 12:21:36 PM

The electric kettle market was valued at US$4,004.356 million in 2019. Electric Kettle is also known tea kettle or hot pot, is a metallic pot specifically used for the boiling of water. The electric kettle
has a spout, a lid and a handle. An electric kettle is just like the conventional kettle which was used in early times, but it is heated with the help of electricity. The electric kettle has a heating element
made up of copper or other high resistance mettle. Usually, the outer element is made up of stainless steel, but in early times electric kettles were made up of brass. Electric kettles power rating is
around 2-3 kW at 220 V. In modern electric kettles, once the water reaches the boiling point, the kettle deactivates automatically to avoid too much of current. For this automatically switching off, a
bimetallic strip thermostat is used most of the time.

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