Consumer Water Purifier Market Research Report

Date8/3/2020 8:48:33 AM

The consumer water purifier market was valued at US$17.344 billion in 2019. Water purifiers are used to remove impurities like toxins, bacteria, chemicals, harmful gases and suspended solids from
water. They reduce the concentration of particulate matter present in water and minimize the chances of acquiring waterborne diseases, thereby making the water fit for residential, commercial and
industrial purposes. The demand for these purifiers is being propelled worldwide on account of the declining levels of potable water along with rapid urbanization and growing industrialization. Apart
from this, rising consumer awareness about the consumption of safe drinking water is positively influencing the sales of water purifiers on the global level. The Consumer Water Purifier Market has
been segmented on the basis of the By Technology, By End-Use, By Mobility, By Distribution Channel and By Geography.

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