Study On Global Automotive Intercooler Market

Date8/3/2020 10:30:59 AM

Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence announces the publication of a new report on “Global Automotive Intercooler Market - Forecasts from2020 to 2025" to their offering. The growth of the market studied
is directly impacted by the growth of the global automotive turbocharger market, as intercooler plays a vital role in cooling the compressed air. It reduces the air temperature and increases the engine’s
output and performance, and thus, helps in reducing exhaust emission and meeting the statutory emission limits. Moreover, intercooler helps in meeting the fuel economy standards by supplying
adequate air filled with oxygen, to maintain proper air-fuel ratio and proper combustion to the engine. As intercooler increases the air density, the oxygen content in the air increases, and as a result,
the air’s ability to accommodate more fuel increases. This helps to ensure better fuel combustion, which, in turn, helps in reducing the exhaust emission content. Increased use and development of
downsized engines with the help of turbochargers are expected to help provide better performance and output, in turn, boosting the growth of the market.

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