Innovative Capital Strategies and IIMFL Reviews

BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU (BBB) - The BBB accreditation badge on Innovative Capital Strategies, Inc (ICS) website is FAKE. They were F-Rated under a different name ( and then manipulated the BBB to get a new A-rating. BBB eventually caught on to the scheme and suspended their profile AGAIN. The MINIMUM of $100k GUARANTEED in 17-30 days is a trap to get you into the scam.
FREE PROGRAM - Any free programs offered by Thomas Montgomery scam is an attempt to collect, misuse or compromise your identity and/or blackmail you with your own personal information. DO NOT give them your social security number (SSN) or any other private information. They use people's personal information to fraudulently obtain loans from banks for a fake ICS Branch and then leave you with the debt. This is one of the many reasons their BBB page was shut down.
Click here for more details: https://www .ripoffreport. com/report/innovative-capital-strategies/mineola-tx-business-credit-1494228
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