Home care for Alzheimer’s patients - PiedMont Home Health

Piedmont Home Health is a well-renowned care facility situated in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC. Our services include taking holistic care of seniors and assisting them with their routine activities, postoperative and respite care, and medical management.

Seniors suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia can benefit immensely by receiving home care facilities. The caregivers can provide assistance through meal preparation, accompany for doctor’s appointments as well as engage in activities that help the seniors cope with their condition smoothly. Hiring senior home care for Alzheimer’s can prove to be a relief for the family and assure adequate supervision from well-trained professionals.

Piedmont home health in Winston-Salem and Greensboro, NC is dedicated to providing the best possible care for your loved ones. Our caregivers are highly trained and compassionate which guarantees a positive experience for you as well.
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