How to store the precious memories for a longer time

You might have stored your various precious memories as the first step of your children, recording of your marriage, the arrival of a baby, holiday family gatherings, dance recitals, school plays, sporting events, birthday parties, competitions or just kids playing around the house or any precious moment that happened in your life. You may capture those priceless moments to enjoy in your lonely time or to present someone.

But what if your recorded videotapes would not work properly? This happens normally with all videotape. Even more than photos, videotape was never meant to last. However, with video conversion that is converting your VHS Tapes to digital media can protect your memories for a longer time.

Videotapes lose their magnetic signal over time, quality and color of your memories deteriorate due to the friction between the VCR head and tape, and the tape grows brittle and eventually breaks – even when sitting on a shelf. The code used on VHS Tapes can fade over time. However, the code used for video conversion from VHS to DVD can help you to store your memories for more than 100 years.

Also, every time you play VHS Tapes it deteriorates the video quality which is not in case of digital format. You can watch your recordings 10,000 times with the same quality. With Allprosolutions you can ensure the best video conversion services. For the last 30 years we had created our reputation through client satisfaction. We help with all types of video conversion with 100% detailed quality. Contact us for more details.

NOTE: The DVD will not improve the quality of the VHS recording. The video on the DVD will be an exact copy of 1:1 of what is on the videotapes without any chapters or menus. To preserve your memories permanently with innovative video conversion!
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