MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive

Date8/11/2020 3:10:34 AM
PriceUSD 35.00
MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive $35.00 (250 mL)
Increase horsepower and fuel economy, reduce emissions and reduce engine and gear wear.
MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive is an outstanding oil supplement for petrol and diesel engines, which has been designed to increase horsepower and fuel economy, restore compression, reduce emissions, oil consumption, engine and gear wear.
MBL8 Concentrated Oil Additive consists of micro-metallic particles suspended in a base oil, together with other ingredients which provide superior lubrication, reducing friction, heat and wear.
For use in petrol and diesel engines, manual transmissions, differentials (not limited slip differentials), transfer cases, power steering, some air compressors and hydraulic systems.
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