Finest Signature Edition Gold Reserve eLiquid - Ejuice Brand

Date8/18/2020 10:18:48 AM
Signature Edition – Gold Reserve by The Finest E-Liquid is careful combination of sweet creamy milk and honey, paired with emulsified banana nuts and roasted almonds for a tasty flavor that will satisfy the taste buds with this intricate flavor.
About The Finest Signature Edition E-Liquid
The Finest Signature Edition E-Liquid 120mL is our homage to the art of crafting premium-grade e-liquids. Each flavor of Signature Edition seamlessly compliments one another, offering a full range of flavors uniquely cultivated for both experienced and beginning vapers alike. Through its thoughtful design and pursuit of perfection, Fruit Edition was developed to push boundaries to limits never before seen – a truly sensational flavor profile ready to usher the industry into a new era of greatness.
Size: 120ML
Available in: 0MG,3MG, 6MG
VG: 70/30
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