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Date8/30/2020 7:56:29 AM
With the increasing number of positive cases of COVID-19, it's a huge necessity to equip yourself with CDC's recommended face masks. While medical masks such as N95 and surgical masks are reserved for medical personnel and other front liners, the Centers for Disease Control encouraged the general public to use reusable non-medical face masks to help slow down the spread of Coronavirus disease.

Don't know where to find the trusted supply of reusable non-medical facemask in Canada and across the USA?

We got you!

Bselfless is a company based in Canada with a primary goal of delivering premium quality of reusable non-medical facial masks to help beat the growing positive cases of COVID-19. They have committed to donating up to 10,000 masks to community agencies in need within Canada such as senior centers, homeless and women’s shelters, social and community health services, public housing, and many more.

Why Bselfless non-medical reusable masks?

3-layer function. Middle layer is moisture resistant, reducing spread of respiratory droplets. Inner layer is sweat absorbent. Outer layer blocks dust and exposure to the environment.
Slim yet effective by design. Non-woven fabric for filtration with excellent air-permeability
Lightweight and shaped to fit. 100% cotton lining for natural softness even for sensitive skin

Environmentally Friendly
Our reusable non-medical masks are sourced and made from unused excess fabric and elastic that would otherwise end up in landfills. This process has provided a solution for wastage in the fashion industry by helping to reduce the carbon footprint of our environment.

Did you know?

We are continually donating to community groups and agencies in need by matching every mask purchased. Help us help others with your every purchase.

Visit our shop to check a variety of reusable non-medical masks you can choose from. Get yourself and your family the protection you need during these trying times. Together we beat this pandemic!
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