Young mom needing help

Date8/31/2020 6:16:43 PM
PriceUSD 85,308.00
In april of this year I got into a severely bad car accident. I had to have two surgeries. they took out my spleen after doing emergency exploratory surgery, and surgery for my arm and went into respitory failure was in the ICU. My car was totaled and i had no money for another one. Im a single parent age 26, my son, Aiden is 7 years old i hate that i dont have all the money to provide for us. I have a job still working for postmates but as a food delivery driver without a car i can no longer work. I had applied for pua uneployment but after two checks they suddenly stopped and i havent receieved another payment for months I receive food stamps luckily so im able to buy food for me and my family but im out of options. I'm in a crisis
Im scared and have no where else to turn. If i could receive either a cash payment or a used car or direct payment leasing a car
Or even just to start me off if I had $500 I can get a secured credit card at my bank ID be able to rent a car within a week of working ID have enough money to pay it back and more. then id be able to work and be able to provide . im unable to make it to work without a car. . Urgency is important please lend me a helping hand so i can get back on my feet i would be eternally grateful and blessed. Im praying for acceptance of the things i cannot control and the patience to ride it out. Thank you for considering me. have a blessed day.
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