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Quick Send Magic Seed Money Now!

Magic Seed Gifts Phase One:
Quick Send $100.00...$300.00...$500.00...$1000.00...$10000.00 or more to: RARE P.O. Box 3076 Friday Harbor, Washington 98250

Give Me Money... Because You Can ... Lots of Money ... Because You Want To!

Magic Monthly Seed Gifts Phase Two:
Quick Send Monthly Gifts $1000.00...$500.00...$300.00...$100.00...$50.00...$20.00 or more every month to: Rare P.O. Box 3076 Friday Harbor Washington 98250

Share With Me The Seed Necessary To Bring About Do & Achieve My Highest Purpose With Focused Intention ... In My Life & Personal Experience Now!

I Am Grateful

Send Your E-Mail... Text/Phone along with your address: to be included in releasing & sharing upcoming Global Opportunities... Include The Names... E-Mail & Contact Information For Six Others (or more)... that you believe would appreciate being included in these:

Upcoming Releases of New Creative Universal Global Opportunities & Projects To Release The Abundant Ever-Expanding Possibilities of An Infinite Universe!

Upcoming Universal Gobal Opportunities That Will Unleash & Release
The Exciting Leading Edge of Abundance In An Ever-Expanding Universe of Infinite Possibilities!

Blessings & Abundance In All You Are
In Your Highest & Best Journey of Experience Now!

Quick Send Your Gifts Now... along with Contact Information For Yourself & Others to: RARE P.O. Box 3076 Friday Harbor, Washington 98250
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