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Today’s baseball training is ineffective… and it is KEEPING YOU from the pitching velocity you want
Are you afraid of actually working hard and SMART in this game? Do you really think playing all season long, just using weighted baseballs, doing running throws or throwing as far as you can is going to get you to 90+mph?
Think again.
Have a look at all those pitchers on your team who go to practice and run poles, throw their bullpens, and think all this with just playing a lot of baseball is going to break them out of the mid to low 80’s. Then take a look at the pitchers who actually train with weights — almost always too many reps and way, WAY too much light weight training.
Now, you tell us: how many of these guys have made a 5-10mph jump in 1 off-season? I’ll wager you said, “None or maybe 1,” And you would be correct. Statistics reveal that only ½ of 1% of college pitchers make any significant gains in pitching velocity over a YEAR, let alone over just one off-season.
Why? Because good people just like you have been misled and lied to by pitching coaches, ex-MLB players, and infomercials. You probably believe you have to throw farther or with a heavier ball to get results, when what you REALLY need to do is THROW LESS using a very targeted method of high velocity movement and power training.
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