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As we understand that addiction to any harmful substance is dangerous. The habit of any addiction does not develop in a single day. It is that healthy human brain which allows the body to consume or use something toxic. There comes a time where that human brain is completely hijacked and the situation demands drugs, alcohol or other substances. It’s due to temptation, environment, peer pressure, family background, availability of that substance or someone’s influential talk, a human brain pushes itself to consume. In most of the cases, elders are found responsible behind developing that addiction habits such as consuming in front of youngsters, asking them to buy them that item, talking about that particular substance, tanking the youngsters to such parties, keeping at home and some time inviting them to consume once. Whereas this must be totally opposite where they should avoid any exposure. It’s because addiction recovery is a very tough task and was never so easy. In the case of addiction recovery it needs lots of patience, money, time, energy and above all a positive mindset to give up that addiction. Trying to quit any addiction without any consultation with a doctor may be dangerous because before they advise to do some tests and diagnosis. Based on that they may suggest you the best way to get rid of any kind of addiction you have because there are multiple aspects related to addiction recovery.

At our Bhopal Nasha Mukti Kendra, we do provide the following treatment.

· Treatment of Drug addiction

· Treatment of Opium addiction

· Treatment of Smack addiction

· Treatment of Cocaine addiction

· Treatment of Marijuana addiction

· Treatment of Heroin addiction

· Treatment of LSD addiction

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