How to Be Analyzing Resume using NLP Data Science project?

Date9/9/2020 1:01:41 PM
PriceUSD 328.00
Python NLP toolkit can ease HR jobs in filtering resumes with certain surrounding words, patterns, range, and based sentence constructions. NLTK provides the function concordance () to locate and print a series of phrases that contain the keyword Text analysis is the automated process of understanding and sorting unstructured text, making it easier to manage. This is just a small case study and real-life scenario challenge and had put a solution for the same with the help of our experts. In our data science certification and project-based online training we serve the challenges to candidates and the supervision of our experts. They can try to complete the project on their own. There are many topics which we are covering in our certification training such as machine learning, data wrangling, python programming, data cleansing ,wrangling tools, Top reasons why to learn python, Data Cleansing using Python, Python Web framework and why is it necessary?
Few years back the recruitment process was done manually. HR posts the job requirements on a site where candidates upload their resumes. Then the HR will download the resumes and will do the keyword matching manually ignoring the semantics of the job post and theresume contents due to which a large number of gained results are irrelevant. To overcome this cause and reduce the manual interventions. We are introducing a case study of Natural language processing NLP in data science with the help of this case-study we can eliminate the longer and time taken task. Here we are explaining and using Python text mining using Natural Language Processing Toolkit seemed to be the solution to getting the important data without reading each and every resume.
This certification training anyone can attend and learn the most trending data science technology. There is no prerequisite for the same, there are few, but we will be taking care and our experts will teach you from the very beginning to the advanced concepts of data science. You can just make up your mind to learn and enroll yourself for the course. If you are looking for something very specific, we can customize the same for you. Please watch our video tutorial, like our video and subscribe our channel for more live updates or if you have any specific requirement you can reach to us visit BISP Trainings or call +91 769-409-5404 or +1 386-279-6856.
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