Increase LPG Connections | Agency | Rajhans Digital

Date9/10/2020 7:34:56 AM
LPG or Liquefied Petroleum Gas is the most domestic used cooking gas. A secure and environment friendly like wood or kerosene, LPG is now readily available through a comprehensive distributor network. The govt. of India also subsidizes the value of a fixed limit of cylinders per annum, making it affordable for households to use LPG for his or her fuel needs.

In domestic gas agencies, many consumers do not take a cylinder refill for months. the resulting connection is disconnect / inactive. Because of this both the distributor and the consumer suffer. Rajhans Digital provides solutions for gas agencies to increase LPG connections.

1. Easy to track non-refill customers.

2. Convert them into a regular customer.

3. Increase your 10 to 20% profit.
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