Salesforce Integration- How to create and configure REST API

Date9/23/2020 3:18:52 AM
PriceUSD 328.00
Hi Learners, here we are again coming up with our new video tutorial on advanced salesforce integration. This is a series of salesforce integration videos based on client projects and case studies, in our previous videos we have demonstrated how to setup and configure SOAP UI to test SOAP API calls. SOAP UI and it is mainly used to test SOAP as well as REST API calls from Salesforce. if you forget to watch previous videos please go through the videos.
In our Salesforce online training we are covering various sessions involving web services, programmatic integrations, XML, Rest API, SOAP API, and streaming API, various applications such as data, business logic, presentation and security layers are a part in enterprise to integrate any applications to provide best quality, efficiency and operational consistency. We are sharing two mini real-time projects which is a value-added for the candidate that projects can give a real-time hands-on, practical implementation of real-world challenges and hurdles, so candidates can easily face issues in their professional life.
In this video we are explaining how to create and configure REST API dynamic response, the tutorial is based upon client requirements which we have received a few days back and they want to implement the same functionality to create one REST API solution for them. This solution should support the Json and XML both. If we are passing Json requests. So, the response we get it will a Json and if we are sending the request in XML so the response will be in XML.If you are looking for salesforce online training and would like to enhance or upskill yourself and knowledge in the salesforce technology and please subscribe our channel for more likes and updates. Please let us know if you have any specific requirement or to visit BISP Training or call +91 769-409-5404 or +1 386-279-6856.
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