Learn Accounts Payable in Oracle NetSuite

Date9/14/2020 9:37:37 AM
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Oracle NetSuite is a No.1 ERP cloud solution; it is a well recognized, scalable solution for front-and-back-office processes including finance, NetSuite planning, NetSuite budgeting, assets, order management, billing, inventory and HR. We at BISP provide the Online training on NetSuite Functional and Oracle NetSuite Technical. We have experienced faculty and consultants available to deliver training, along with real-time projects associated with training.
In Our Comprehensive Oracle NetSuite Functional course starts from the NetSuite Overview, the basic and concepts of NetSuite, Navigation, how to login, how to set preferences, emailing and file cabinets, how to set company preferences, records, transactions, how to customize the employee record, how to add, how to create entities and records, Suite analytics dashboard, KPI, reports, how to publish the dashboard, how to work with search, finding, save, displaying results, reporting and overview, how to work with reports and manage reports, order management, purchasing, receiving, inventory management, accounting, journal.
What are accounts payable?
When a company purchases goods on credit which needs to be paid back in a short period of time, it is known as Accounts Payable. Accounts Payable as a term is not limited to companies. Example: CompanyA who purchases goods from company B on credit. The amount raised needs to be paid back in 30 days. CompanyB will record the same sale as accounts receivable and CompanyA will record the purchase as accounts payable. This is because CompanyA has to pay CompanyB.
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