Global Cresol Market - An Overview

Date9/21/2020 7:55:05 AM

Knowledge Sourcing Intelligence announces the publication of a new report on Cresol Market.Cresol is formulated from coal tar and petroleum, which are some of the essential components of creosote,
a wood preservative. The increased demand for vitamin E in foods and dietary supplements, due to consumers' increasing attention to healthy eating, is also expected to drive demand for products
in the coming years. Cresol derivatives have gained importance in the production of vitamin E and electronic encapsulation products. Growing demand for computers, tablets, smartphones, and display
devices is expected to boost the electronics industry over the forecast period.Although these segments are niche applications for product isomers, the electronics and food industries are both expected
to offer immense growth potential for the Asia Pacific market and Europe. Compounds such as the meta, para and ortho isomers are made from coal tar and petroleum or toluene. The choice of raw
material is mainly governed by the production efficiency and the waste disposal costs associated with the manufacturing process. Toluene is an essential source in the product manufacturing process.
Therefore, the price of toluene has a direct impact on the cresol market.

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