MJR Plastic Welding Services- For All Your Plastic Welding,

Date9/25/2020 10:22:51 PM
‘MJR Plastic Welding Services’ is your one-stop company that offers you a wide variety of welding, plastic repairs and fabrication services on-time both on-site, and in your house

Our services are fully insured and done by professionals having over a decade of experience in both the residential and industrial sector.

We mainly specialise in water tank repair, plastic tank repair, fuel pod repair (both for fixed and mobile pads), repairing plastic holes and re-patching and more. And the areas where we offer our services include:-

South East Queensland, Northern NSW, Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Dalby, Toowoomba.

Feel free to call us @ 421910684 between 8 am- 5 pm for whatever plastic welding repair service you have. We will be happy to help!
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