Merchant Credit Card- Business Line of Credit Up to $100K; M

Date9/25/2020 10:46:52 PM
PriceUSD 48,302.00
Good Starting point to get up to $10K in Funding even with Bad Credit!!


Clients with Bad Credit Gets approved for a Credit Line up to $10K; Could use funds to pay for Rapid Credit Repair ($695) or Tradelines ($550-$2000). Once credit is above 680 we can get you more funding up to $400K.

If you have a existing merchant credit card processor we can save you $100's or $1000's a month in card processing fees

Credit Line can be Extended Up to $100K

Doesn't affect you getting other types of funding

Get Approved In 1 Hour, Access Funds in 3 to 5 Days

More Then Just Funding, Get A Complete Cash Flow Solution For Your Business.

Obtain Financing
Collect Payments
Cover Expenses

What You Get:

Business Line of Credit: Up to $10,000 based on your personal credit history
Limit Increases: Up to $100,000 based on your current business revenue
Timeline: Your Line of Credit will arrive in 3-5 days
Access: Draw funds directly to your bank account or use a Mastercard
Merchant Account: We match or beat any other merchant account

Get Your Line of Credit Now:
After Enrollment, Receive Access in 3-5 Days: Your line of credit comes with a credit card you can use anywhere, or you can transfer funds directly to your bank account. You will need an active merchant account to quality. If you don’t have a merchant credit card processing account we can set you up with one.

Initial Credit Line Based On Your Personal Credit: Bad Credit can get approved. Could range from $500- $10,000.

Final Credit Line Based On Your Business Revenue: Your ultimate line of credit is based on your business revenues and can be increased up to $100,000

We Link Your New Line Of Credit To Your Merchant Account: Your merchant account will automatically route a percentage of your daily batches to pay your line of credit, Initially this is set at 25% of your daily batch, but this amount can be adjusted over time based on your needs

Don’t Have a Merchant Account? We will setup a new account for you to use in your business.

Your Line of Credit Grows With Your Business: Every 90 days your account can be reviewed and increased based on your needs. Need it sooner? Request your first manual review as soon as you activate your new account.
Setup Investment:
$99.97 initial setup (one-time payment)
$9.97 per month

To Get Started:
Email me to get started-

Let’s get you setup with Merchant Credit Card Processing

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