All you Need to Know About the Science and Social Studies Cu

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Date10/19/2020 3:13:24 PM
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The major curricula that is followed in UAE is the IB system, the British curriculum and the American curriculum. Nevertheless, every curriculum has its own strengths and values that have been built after several years.
What is the British Curriculum like?
Certain teaching methodologies are followed by the UAE curriculum development while making the outline. Science and social studies are the two main important subjects, so, here is a summary of both the curriculums according to the British curriculum.

UAE Science Curriculum 2019-2020:
The curriculum for students in Grade 4, Key Stage 2 is vast. They learn about the living things, materials and their facts. Simple models and themes are used to give them an idea about the connections between things, such as the ecosystem. Moreover, students apply their knowledge and understanding to their health and daily life. As far as the grouping is concerned, they either work in groups with their classmates or alone, depending on the tasks.
However, the curriculum for Key Stage 3, which is for Grade 8 engages the learners at many different levels. They link practical experiences with scientific ideas. Moreover, they experiment using models in order to evaluate demonstrations and encourage critical thinking. The students learn to tackle issues that they encounter in their lives.

UAE Social Studies Curriculum 2019-2020:
The UAE education system social studies curriculum covers geography, history, culture and civics. All of these are taught via storytelling and project-based learning. It aligns with the standards of the Ministry of Education, UAE. The stories cover up the culture and heritage of UAE.
The curriculum focuses on links between groups of people through diversity, change communication and science. Moreover, the subject encourages the students to be responsible citizens. Lesson plans and activities are research based, similar to the methodologies used in science.
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