Tips on How to Score Well in Social Studies

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Date10/9/2020 7:04:58 AM
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UAE social studies is one of the most difficult subjects on the syllabus. However, scoring well is not impossible either. With the following tips you can get the required results.

There is a lot of material to study from when it comes to geography and history, so, staying organized is the key to studying. You should gather all the notes, study material and data properly. Moreover, always keep your history and geography pile separate to save time and avoid confusion.

Be Inquisitive:
The syllabus aims towards enhancing the qualities of each student; hence the examiner looks for something specific in the answers. You should focus on the following to do well in your test. These are also the key aspects for top schools in Abu Dhabi.

Enquire by asking useful questions to understand the topic during class
Analyze the information
Acknowledge different perspectives while forming your interpretations
Understand the different aspects of history
Have an approach that is methodical, by using different sources
All these are important qualities that best British schools in Abu Dhabi follow in UAE social studies, for the best result outcomes. Make sure that you brush up on the majority of these skills and have an analytical mind before your social studies exam.

Make a Schedule:
The most important thing is to prioritize your time and make a schedule. Do not overexert yourself and take breaks in between your studying. Figure out what your pace is and set a schedule that is realistic. This way you can study without being pressurized during the last minute.

Make Flash Cards:
Since there is a lot of information to retain and memorize, you can always make flashcards of the important points to make studying easier.

History and geography, which are parts of UAE social studies require an open mind, in order to score better in the exam.
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