Fred Segal

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With a legendary reputation in the fashion industry of Los Angeles, this store has managed wardrobes for icons such as The Beatles, Elvis Presley, Bob Dylan, and Farrah Faucet. Fred Segal opened its first shop five decades ago and blue was the dominant color in the inventory consisting of his signature jeans, chambrays, and flannels. The brand opened one of the earliest “jeans only” stores called “Jeans Bar” that took the already popular jeans to new heights of fame. The store remained to be the heart of LA pop culture for the most part of its life. The brand has inspired many LA-born brands based on its philosophy of liberated lifestyle and clothing design. Fred Segal believes in inclusivity and love and wants to endorse that philosophy from LA to all around the world through fashion. To experience vintage West Coast lifestyle combined with contemporary elements, visit the store now and stand out from the crowd!
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