LEAR 535100C8G01 Headlight Driver Module by XenonPlanet

Date10/15/2020 6:46:05 AM
PriceUSD 249.95
XenonPlanet is leading high quality and affordable car parts provider in USA, Australia, Canada and all around globe. XenonPlanet offer the best BMW 7409738 01 LEAR 535100C8G 01 TMS Headlight Driver Module. Driver module needs to be replaced when you are getting various malfunction errors such as vertical aim failure error, low or high beam can't move up or down, but just stays looking down and not move up, red headlight icon, headlamp warning light malfunction error, AFS adaptive headlight failure error, LED Angel Eyes Daytime Driving Lights don't work at all or flickering, front turn signal (indicators) don't work. Factory fitted on BMW F25 X3 LCI Facelift and X4 F26 with Bi-Xenon Light adaptive headlamps. For more information visit our website.
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