Why Islamic Studies are pivotal for schools?

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Date10/16/2020 7:09:45 AM
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All private schools will have to meet the terms with the fresh Ministry of Education and Youth rules governing their setups. Minister of Education and Youth Dr Ali Abdul Aziz Al Sharhan, conferring to the Arabic everyday paper Al Bayan, has applied Federal Law 28, approved in 1999, and cancelled all preceding guidelines which disregard the 1999 legislature. A foremost alteration confined in Federal Law 28 is that it will be obligatory for private schools which accept a prospectus other than Arabic to instill Islamic studies, the Arabic linguistic and Social Studies to Muslim pupils in affordable British schools in Dubai.
1. Islamic education implants in a child the practicalities of Islam:
Islam is a system of existence for Muslims, not merely a faith. To flourish as a Muslim living his life in the Islamic method, he must acquire and exercise Islam from an early age. When a child is in early years, he is the most receptive and engrosses information just in what way it is communicated.
2. Islamic education imparts the child with the precise understanding of Islam:
Offering Islamic studies permits the correct information of Islam to be communicated to children. Parents or relatives might not have total knowledge or accurate facts as they might not have gone to courses officially for all features of Islam. Islamic teaching keeps Islam in the existence of the youngster.
For children attending secular international community school, or teenagers in schools in Abu Dhabi community school, they barely have any connection with Islam in whichever part of their lives in college or after university. To keep Islam in the emotions of our children, guiding them towards Islamic teaching at recurrent Madrasahs for a small number of hours a week puts Islam into their minds only.
3. Going to weekend Islamic schools favors them as decent friends:
In the secular schools, faith is infrequently or ever declared or understood. If Islam is not being exercised at home, children might never see the reputation of Islam in their lifespans at all. Making these friends that follow the same religious path as your kid, makes a good companionship for your children which persists all their life and keeps them in good hands and keeps them close to it.
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