Increase your immunity with Bioayurveda panch tulsi drops.

Date10/23/2020 7:01:13 PM
PriceRs 199.00
BIOAYURVEDA Panch Tulsi drops is an intense concentrate and natural distillate of 5 most uncommon types of Tulsi for Natural Immunity boosting, Cough, Cold and Respiratory hypersensitivities. The anti-infection properties of sacred basil, which is known as the Queen of Herbs shield you from occasional diseases and reinforces your resistant framework.Panch Tulsi is known to be exceptionally compelling in hack, cold, sharpness, blockage, stomach throb, and Viral or Seasonal fever, expanding in Lungs, hypertension, chest clog, weakness, retching, weight, joint pain, asthma, iron deficiency and ulcers. This Panch Tulsi Ras likewise relaxingly affects psyche and body decreases pressure and nervousness.
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