Advanced Orthodontic Studio

Date10/20/2020 6:24:34 AM
7301 North State Hwy 161, Suite 150
Irving , TX 75039
Advanced Orthodontic in IRVING the Art Orthodontic Clinic serving, ORTHODONTIST IRVING TX Braces and Invisalign
The orthodontic profession is of great significance to Dr. Navarro. It is a way for him to express a learned talent through dedication and effort for the well-being of his patients. His passion is to look at orthodontics a different way the patients see it. He understands that patients rank satisfaction based on how beautiful a smile is. But, for Dr. Navarro, being an orthodontist is much more than just beautiful smile; it’s about the relationships made along the journey to that beautiful smile.Dr. Navarro passion about orthodontics is about always giving his best. He understands that no patient is the same as another. When a patient comes in for the first time, he sees them as if they were part of his family and treats them like it. Dr. Navarro loves created personalized treatment for his patients to help them achieve the beautiful smile they have always wanted. What makes Dr. Navarro very unique is that he understands that parents trust him with their biggest treasure: the well-being and health of their child or themselves. Dr. Navarro always puts his patients’ best interests at the forefront of their treatment. His biggest excitement and motivation comes even before he starts treatment on a patient; he visualizes the result based on the treatment plan and then watches how the smile and bite evolve until the final result is reached – a beautiful smile in functional harmony.
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