What to Do After a Bicycle Collision in North Carolina?

Date10/22/2020 7:32:47 AM
Since bicycles get the same treatment as other vehicles on North Carolina roads, it would make sense if the steps a victim of a bicycle crash had to take after the collision were the same as those taken by a regular car driver. The Charlotte bicycle accident lawyer advises to treat the scene of a bike crash as the scene of a regular car accident:

1. Call the police to get a police report
2. Exchange information, including insurance information, with the other party or parties involved
3. Speak with eyewitnesses and write down their names, phone number, address, and additional information
4. Take photos and videos, focusing on the vehicle damages, if any, skid marks, and road conditions

Speaking with insurance companies after a bicycle accident when you have not discussed your case with a lawyer would be ill-advised because insurers in North Carolina do whatever it takes to pay injured victims as little as possible.
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