Employment Discrimination Lawyer in Philadelphia and New Jer

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Date10/26/2020 5:01:05 AM
Zeff Law Firm is an employment discrimination law firm in Philadelphia. We represent our clients in all sorts of employment law situations such as being discriminated on basis of color, gender, religion, age, or any other basis, or being in an hostile work environment, etc. Even if you are facing harassment from your co-worker, Zeff Law Firm can still help you take a stand in the moment of crisis.
Sometimes, being a good employee can put you in a troublesome situation which can confuse anyone as taking a stand would mean putting your employment on the line. The employment discrimination lawyers at Zeff Law Firm have faced cases where an employee was facing unethical behavior and even retaliation in some cases, for whistleblowing on their seniors. Situations like these are not uncommon at workplaces as there are people that wants to ascertain their authority on to others. If you are going through a similar phase and you have tried your best to make things better but to no fruition, then you should contact employment discrimination lawyer at Zeff Law Firm and get legal help to solve your matter.
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