What are the risk measures?

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Date10/27/2020 2:28:10 PM
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Risk metrics are statistical metrics that are historical predictors of investment risk and volatility, and are also key components of modern portfolio theory (MPT). MPT is a standard financial and academic methodology for evaluating the performance of a stock or equity fund against its benchmark index.

There are five main measures of risk, and each provides a unique way of assessing the risks involved in the investments under consideration. The five measures include alpha, beta, R-squared, standard deviation, and Sharpe ratio. Risk measures can be used individually or together to conduct a risk assessment. When comparing two potential investments, it is wise to compare, for example, to determine which investment carries the most risk.
The main concerns
Risk metrics are statistical measures that are historical predictors of an investment's risk and volatility.
Risk metrics are also key components of Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT), which is a standard finan
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