What is the Distance Strength Index (PDI)?

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Date10/27/2020 2:27:51 PM
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The Power Distance Index (PDI) is a measure of acceptance of a hierarchy of power and wealth by individuals who make up the general population of a nation, culture, or company. Developed by Dutch social psychologist Geert Hofstede, PDI ultimately provides insight into the extent to which ordinary citizens, or subordinates, accept or challenge the authority of the person or persons responsible.
Hofstede's PDI is lower in countries and organizations where reference figures work closely with subordinates. PDI is higher in places with strong hierarchy.
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Understanding the distance strength indicator
Highly organized companies, societies, and organizations often have high scores. A high index indicates that the hierarchy is clearly defined, present and without objection.
A low index indicates a less strict or authoritarian regime. People in a community or group with a low index are willing to challenge authority and easily
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