Zippay Chemist Warehouse

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Date10/30/2020 1:03:23 PM
Chemist Warehouse is the ultimate health and wellness destination for Australians, stocking a vast range of health care vitamins, baby essentials, fragrances, hair, and beauty brands at great prices. Say goodbye to waiting to make a purchase at Chemist Warehouse. Buy what you need or want now by making Zip your choice of Chemist Warehouse payment options available. The Zippay Chemist Warehouse partnership means you can now shop at Chemist Warehouse interest-free with your Zip account. That means you can shop for all the baby, health, and beauty products that you need with our buy now, pay later system. Zip offers flexible repayment plans without upfront payment or hidden fees. Ready to go shopping? Just choose Zip from the Chemist Warehouse payment options present at checkout.
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