Cloud-Based Solutions Delivering Real Time Views of Risk & C

Date10/30/2020 5:04:07 PM
SecurEnds is serving a growing number of credit unions and community banks by allowing them to stay secure and compliant with Credit Union Administration (NCAU) Guidelines and Federal Financial Institution Examination Council (FFIEC).
Our User Access Review & Identity Lifecycle Management solutions can be rapidly deployed on-premise or cloud and come with industry leading flex-connectors for seamless integration with typical credit union applications and service management software.
Learn how our cloud-based solutions can work together to help your Credit Union with all aspects of Risk & Compliance.
Enterprise Risk Management:
From assessing individual risks to monitoring key risk indicators (KRI's) and controls, SecurEnds brings all of your ERM information together. SecurEnds automates your processes to enable officers to spend less time chasing information and more time analyzing the performance of the risk and compliance controls in your Credit Union.
Compliance Management:
The SecurEnds solution comes with pre-populated templates to enable Credit Unions to identify, assess, manage and report on regulatory compliance obligations from regulatory such as the NCUA, COSO and more. See compliance in real-time on SecurEnds color coded live ash board which allows you to track trends and movement over time.
Vendor Management:
Third-party risk is a hot topic for regulators. When a Credit Union outsources an activity to an outside vendor it can introduce new and/or increased risk to the organization. Vendor Management is all about identifying, assessing, measuring, monitoring and controlling those risks. SecurEnds Vendor Management solution enables you to have all your vendors, contracts and reviews in one central place eliminating duplicate spreadsheets and minimizing the manual effort involved in collating a vendor's information.
SecurEnds end-to-end Cybersecurity assessment tool enables organizations to identify, analyze and prevent cybersecurity breaches in their businesses. The tool is pre-populated with the full suite of either the FFIEC or NIST controls which can be easily configured to suit your Credit Union. The results of assessments against the mitigation controls are shown on a grid view dashboard where areas of concern can be easily identified, actions can be created and tracked and reports generated.
Find out how SecurEnds can make it easy to manage governance, risk and compliance for your organization.

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